Money Monday

A quick lap around the headlines on this Money monday

First in Politics: Everything is terrible’ and Americans are in horrible moods…so, cheers!

The article is well written and goes straight for the throat. ” America, the word “terrible” is mood is an obvious #FlashBang in conjuncture with pic of #POTUS drinking a  beer at a fundraiser. Although we can appreciate the humor at we do not push agenda so we read more articles to try and cut through the #Bullshit in to the essence of this Money Monday.

On to the wsj

the #Elitist seemed almost perverted in there glee for the new #IPO from Alibaba. It is making news around the world. The WSJ has maybe the most impartial right up of this #Wall #Street event. many articles failed to point out the the #guru at #Alibaba physically owns some of the technology. Interesting this obvious leverage position is only glanced over. who is to say he wont pull this #Trumpcard later?

$$$Half a billion is good day right? Kinder Morgan’s CEO had $500 million dollar pay day today.

Markets were mixed yet improving


16,570 +16 0.10%

4,401 +30 0.69%
S&P 500

1,937 +5 0.28%

2,554 +21 0.83%

1,310 -1 0.08%

97.89 +0.24 0.25%
In other news American political Titans had a wedding..Robert Kennedy Jr. and Cheryl Hines are now husband and wife. It was beautiful, tranquil and #StarStudded
Asia markets-
The Japanese are feeling the Ukraine blues.
Today the
The Nikkei increased 2.4 percent to 15,130.52 points,  biggest gain since mid April.
Africa markets and news:

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