US: “Billionaires club” EPA

US: “Billionaires club” EPA

Now this would make tons of sense if this were to be true.

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But, but, but… it’s the sceptics that are bankrolled by the rich, right? That’s the only way they could possibly outwit the billions spent by governments on propping up the consensus.

Well, er, no.

It appears that the environmental movement is the one benefiting from the wealthy’s largesse, with a report by the US Senate Environment and Public Works Committee shedding light on the shady goings-on:


i have always thought this was so..but all you ever hear about is the koch brothers..well it works both ways..and when you include the compliant mainstream media, i think i know who is bankrolling who and outspending the other..this is a usa senate report..biased of course but factual..debunk it if you can..


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