G mail

G mail 

SANTA ANA, CALIF. – Aug 12 2014 UTC

We all remember our our first G Mail or gmail.  Or can we? It was 2004.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – April 1, 2004 UTC

 That was along time ago. We wont fudge you but we can not remember the month or the year so clearly.  In the early gmail Beta stage gmail was superior to anything we can remember at the time. Times have changed, so has Google  so has gmail. In the early iPhone days gmail had its challenges but right from the start gmail mobile worked at a professional level.

The proof is in the numbers. From Dentists, to techies and business men are at @gmail.com and start ups galore Americans trust mail.google.com like no other. We come across so many gmail’s. its a regular question in conversation. The mobile revolution was on its way and they got it , Google gets it. Phones, tablets, Droid. They saw what was coming.

Everyone can remember Yahoo’s whole not seeing the “.dot mobile thing” mistake. Big money was the horrible Consequence for ignoring the .mobile revolution.  No one ever says they want yahoo money. We want Google money!

Long ago when phones were small and fat, black and white, Google and yahoo were similar companies, now yahoo isn’t even in the lexicon.Today reading Google cracks down on Gmail phishing with spam filters its good to know someone is always working on our security. Especially Email security. this may have all types of private info.

Then While reading  Google Seeks To Boost Asian Presence, Invests In $300M Trans-Pacific Undersea  We tossed around ideas on the amount of  work Google does. How much this helps American business owners get things done. Its a thankless job and we felt owed gmail for all the help they give us. Thank you Google, We love G mail.

Think about it.

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