Teen killed by cop, Who is policing the police?

Today on #Twitter death threats are slowing the release of the policeman Accused of the Murder.
Teen Mike Brown shot Multiple times from 35 feet. accused policemen may have shot black teen in the cop car when a struggle ensued.

USATODAY Teen Killed sparks death threats on twitter

This is just sad. No matter what the actual event how many times do police need to shoot? A human cant put up much of a fight with 3-4 bullets in them. let alone 5 or 6. Who is policing the police?



Well, as most already know, during the last few days the negroes have had themselves a nice little uprising within the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, MO. That’s in North St. Louis County and we call that area ‘negro town.’ Yeah, I’m from that area. And actually lived in Ferguson, MO when I was a kid. And that’s almost embarrassing to say now, because most people would assume that I had lived in negro town. But, no, that’s not the case at all.

Below, an excerpt from what I posted on a couple St. Louis news sites during this negro uprising:

“Man, I remember when Ferguson was a beautiful suburban community. With a population of about 30-32K and a lil, tiny police station with a handful of cops and a couple detectives. And in that small police department building, there was even a garage to maintain the police cruisers. So…

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