Plane crash Headlines

Santa Ana CA.8/13/2014

Plane crash Headlines again.

Eduardo Campos was killed in a plane crash today. this could be large and will throw ripples across markets. A betting man would say he would be President of Brazil. Recent polls show him trailing right before his death. Would he have changed the over all results now that his votes will fall to his competitors.

Brazil has heavy ties to china, BRICS. political medling cannot be ruled out.

Plane crash Headlines, As#They say its safer then driving so we looked closer. The last few year the headlines would have you believe planes are falling out of the sky. We do not trust agenda or emotionally pushed images. We stripped the numbers and were stunned.

the number inf crashes peaked in 2012. Then stated to go back down. Or so we  would hope.

138 plane crashes in 2013, and 155 in 2012, according to data from Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives

In 2014 it is not the number of Plane crash Headlines that’s alarming. Its the Number of Fatalities. 2014 will be a record breaking year. We can surpass last years numbers by Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is only the beginning of travel season.

376 people have died in plane crashes in 2014.

So how safe is flying?  It it only our opinion but we would say very safe.. The number of US and World travelers is staggering. Traveler per fatality is  minuet. You have abetter chance getting crushed by an old lady in Cadillac then a Plane. Although this is something to think about.

Plane crash headlines

Plane crash headlines

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