The Plot Thickens: Will A ‘New’ Shubert Theater Tower Over Broadway?

Will A ‘New’ Shubert Theater Tower Over Broadway?


Since everyone is dousing everyone else these dog days with buckets of ice to raise money for ALS research, I offer a challenge of my own to the New York Posts’s Michael Riedel: Meet me at Bar Centrale the day after after Labor Day, 2019. If, five years from now, there’s a new, 1,500-seat Broadway theater around the corner on Eighth Avenue between 45th and 46th streets, you can douse me with a bucket of ice and I’ll write a $100 check to the Shubert Foundation. And if it’s a Shubert theater, I’ll make it $200.

Image (1) Broadway-sign__121204013651.jpg for post 509154If, however, there’s no theater in the luxury apartment tower Gary “One57” Barnett’s Extell Corp. is planning for that site, you have to write a check for $200 to my favorite charity, Greater Education, Rehabilitation And Recreation for Dropouts (you can just use the initials).

Shubert, as we know, owns valuable land and even more valuable air rights…

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