Ask an Attorney, Torchia Esq.

There comes a time in life when the unexpected comes, ready or not. The last few years                                                      have been more and more challenging for Americans. Jobs are leaving and our money                                                         has been devalued at an alarming rate. Home owners are feeling the squeeze, Not all have                                                 saved for a rainy day. Many home owners are underwater and cannot refinance.                                                             Eventually when push comes to shove they simply fall behind and Default.

Vito law, Vito Torchia

Vito Torchia Esq, law, Attorney Irvine, Irvine real estate

NOD is only the beginning for some, battling the banks team of attorneys for months                                                         then slipping into Notice of sale. Most give up under false pretense that its over. Not                                                 understanding the banks will come after them with lawsuits until they are satisfied.                                                          Some home owners choose to stand up for their rights, Enter Vito Torchia Esq.

Vito Torchia Esq. a Irvine California attorney with an impressive success rate against                                                                 some of the most powerful Business’s In America, banks. The american banks have almost                                                     unlimited money and resources that the citizen just does not have access to. Attorneys like                                                       Vito Torchia Esq. help to level the playing field, giving the decisions to a Judge                                                                 Forcing the Big banks to follow the laws put in place to protect the homeowners.

We sat down with Vito Torchia Esq. in this edition of Ask-financial-pros we had the pleasure                                                   of sitting down and firing questions at one of the best attorneys in the game. he took time out                                                  of his 80 hour work week to help us out.

“What should a home owner do if they begin to fall behind Mr. Vito Torchia Esq?”  He explained                                     “you don’t have to go it alone” No matter what the bank tells you, they are looking after their                             stockholders best interest. We asked if a calling your bank really works? Torchia Esq, explained                                 “Sometimes reaching out to the bank is the first Mistake.” ‘The first thing you hear is a recording                                 stating any and all information will be used to collect a debt. in passed cases clients damage their                               position before an attorney can step in.

So Mr. Vito Torchia Esq. what should a homeowner do if they receive a NOD NOS or start falling behind. “Call an Attorney, but not just any attorney one with a proven track record. For instance a Nice Man called me from Torrance Ca. called me. This gentlemen was obviously shaken By a call from Hong-Kong shanghai bank of china, (HSBC).

‘They told him he was upside down and could not qualify for any assistance. He also said no other attorney would help. We looked into it and there were some Errors in the handling of the loan and they way they were trying to foreclose did not follow due process. It was a tough fight. In the end he was ecstatically happy when we told him not only did we save his home he lived in for 30 years, we reduced the principle. His wife was so happy they finally had equity for the first time since the crash of 08.”

Mr. Vito Trochia how else could client hurt their case? “often time the home owner actually will waive their rights to help.” We pressed on. “How would they make such a huge mistake?” Vito explained further. “The home owner is contacted via mail with threatening letter the call the bank and for a Temporary solution or a ‘Trial Mod’ these are foreclosed the most. In doing so they waive their rights and all is typically lost.

We thanked Mr Torchia Esq. For his time he was completely swamped and we were happy to squeeze in. Exiting his office we walked through a zoo of paralegals and attorneys who were waiting at his door. If you have any questions for Vito you can email questions to Vito Torchia Esq. or Comment below.

Vito Torchia Esq.

We hope this helped you, please comment below.

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