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-Santa Ana CA.  8/11/2014       In our segment Ask Financial Pros, We ask seasoned professionals questions directly from our Subscribers.

We had a great talk with Mortgage Pro Stephan Johnson.

A fifteen year mortgage and Real estate professional, working with Carrington Mortgage.

Why is it important to work with a Mortgage Pro on Real estate investments and purchases?

To look at the market as whole, A Mortgage Pro is going to give you that type of perspective. If you look at the home as 5 year equity bond, it has no trouble outpacing inflation. In some areas these Real estate  investments are topping most other investment vehicles.

What can you tell new home owners, someone saving for a home or in need of or refinance on an existing investment?

We try to earn our clients business for the long term. Going back to basics on the family Cash flow management strategy is always a great place to start. its important to commit to spending rules  Based on your short term money money, mid-long term investment and of course retirement. income property doesn’t have to be something you just read about.

Where do you see the US economy going in the next 18 months, from the Mortgage Pro  perspective?

Inflation and real inflation is a big worry and challenge we are all facing.  Main street to wall street will have its pitfalls. We are really excited about  some of our newer economic real estate models. They show the economy buzzing in 18 months. Right now we are restructuring our platform to take advantage of these Strengths. We are seeing certain areas with pre-crash level numbers going up and up. Other areas are starting to level off, this is where the Mortgage Pro comes in. We want to make sure we are looking at things long term, we are all living longer and we all want to be comfortable.

Thank you for your time Stephan, we at 247NewFinance appreciate you taking break with us today and getting badgered with questions.

No problem. Lets talk again soon.

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Stephan Johnson

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